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07-13-2018, 10:44 AM
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King Cobra oil and Maha Rasayan capsules are developed using an advanced ayurvedic formula to cure sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation, weakness in male organ, low libido, and male impotence. Therefore, men looking for herbal supplements to fight erectile dysfunction can make use of King Cobra oil and Maha Rasayan capsules.

Soft erection or ED spoils the lovemaking and your female curse you for not satisfying her in bed. How to fight impotence in men is through regular massage of the male organ from base to tip using 10 to 15 drops of King Cobra oil. The herbal oil penetrates into deeper nerves and tissues in the reproductive organs and widens the nerves and tissues. It also heals the damaged nerves and tissues caused due to excessive hand practice. It also eliminates blocks in the blood vessels and helps to pump in more blood to the reproductive organs during sexual arousal. It also ensures supply of nutrients as well as oxygen to revitalize the reproductive organs and grab more blood for gaining harder and bigger erection. It helps to maintain quality erection for the complete coitus. Therefore , it is one of the best herbal supplements to fight erectile dysfunction and enjoy intimate moments with her.

You need to massage the male organ daily two times using King Cobra oil to fight impotence in men. It is free from chemicals and additives. You can use this herbal erection oil without any fear of side effects to cure sexual disorders. Regular massage help to maintain massive male organ, penetrate deeper into her and offer her mesmerizing and pleasurable harder strokes maintaining quality erection. You will be able to satisfy her with memorable sexual pleasure and solve relationship issues.

The herbal erection enhancer pills - Maha Rasayan capsules offer effective cure for even severe ED. The potent herbs in this herbal pill increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. Your reproductive organs will also get essential nutrients and oxygen with regular use of this herbal pill. It increases secretion of testosterone and helps to get bigger and harder erection for pleasurable lovemaking. It eliminates harmful hormones and toxins from your body. It strengthens the weak nerves and tissues in the reproductive organs. It also increases male libido and potency. Therefore, it is one of the best herbal supplements to fight erectile dysfunction. It also relieves you from nervousness, anxiety and depression and keeps you in good mood. It is one of the proven herbal erection enhancer pills to fight impotence in men. It increases male stamina, power and vigor to last longer in bed to offer her intense sexual pleasure.

To fight impotence in men effectively , you need to consume one Maha Rasayan capsule daily two times (once after supper at night and another after breakfast in the morning). It is advised to consume these herbal supplements to fight erectile dysfunction for three to four months.

Key ingredients in Maha Rasayan capsules are Kaunch, Shilajit Shudh, Kali Musli, Ramayphal, Vidarikand , Ashwagandha, Lauh Bhasma, Ras Sindoor Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Shatavari and Safed Musli etc.

Key ingredients in King Cobra oil are Javitri , Jaiphal Oil, Akarkra, Kesar, Kalonji Oil, Dalchini Oil , Kapur Oil, Samudra Phal, and Ashwagandha etc.

You can buy King Cobra oil and Maha Rasayan capsules from reputed online stores. It is also suggested include nuts, pumpkin seeds, berries , banana, eggs, fish and watermelon in your daily diet. When students start their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam prep (for the first time, or again after having failed the exam), there are a number of questions that come up time and time again. In this article we share the top 7 questions that every student asks us in our role as their PMP exam coach. Whether you have a coach or not , knowing the answers will help you get started more quickly with your own exam preparations.

Let’s dive straight in with the first question

1. Why did I fail the PMP exam when I studied so long and so hard?

Everyone is different, but you probably became overwhelmed during the exam as you didn’t approach it with the proper preparation and mechanics for taking the test. It’s not enough to go online and gather tidbits from other people about how to study. A Google search for “How should I study for the exam?” may tell you what to memorize and you’ll find some tips that have worked for other people. Reading the PMBOK® Guide really isn’t even mandatory for the exam, let alone reading it two or three times!

The scenario-based questions you faced in the exam are in depth and difficult, and you also need to be able to manage your time during the 4 hour exam. It’s hard and when you see the nature of the exam and the nerves kick in… all that leads to sub-optimal performance on the day.

Using a range of resources like videos, practice questions , flashcards, study guides and PMP tutoring can all help boost your chances of passing next time, if you combine them with practical preparations and test-taking strategies.

2. I am terrible at mathematics and at formulas. How will I ever be able to do all these earned value questions?

Have confidence! It’s not rocket science. If you’ve had an exposure to something like high school level math then you have the skills to do the math questions. It is just a matter of approaching these math questions in a formulaic kind of way.

First, memorize the formulas that are most likely to show up on the PMP exam – a PMP exam coach can help you identify which ones those are. When you have a theoretical understanding of these formulas and can see whether they are talking about planned vs. actual, .
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